A Tale of Flame and Snow

Journeys in the Third Age
Then and Now

The group began tasked with hunting down kobolds accused of raiding caravans and travelers on the roads around Tulvercross, Suttonbury and Sumberton. After slaying some of groups of kobolds they were eventually approached by the leader of the kobold tribe, Perrath. They reached a truce, and made a deal with the kobolds. They just want to return to the home the goblins took. They were trying to gather supplies to fight for their home. The group agreed to help clear out the goblins from the kobold lair and in exchange the kobolds agreed not to raid anymore caravans.

The group managed to hire some help. Mainly someone to watch over the horses while they went dungeon delving. The party set off to Suttonbury. The kobold lair is about a days journey north and a little west of Suttonbury. While engaging with goblin forces the merc elf they hired, Zathlen proved a capable warrior and he helped in a few more ways than expected. While camping they were attacked by another group of goblins. This time they had the help of a very stealthy bugbear who managed to take Milia, the groups cleric back to their camp. Before they were able to get her into the lair the party was able to track and ambush the goblins. Tearing down the guards and the raid party that ran off with their cleric friend, they dispatched the goblins and retreated back into the wilderness.

Using the forest and hills to their advantage they ambushed the goblin search party. Having rid themselves of the immediate threat, they planned and scouted finding a back entrance to the lair. Using this they were able to sneak in and rid the world of another group of goblins. They now had the chance to delve deeper into the dark caverns.

The trek down into the dark proved exciting. More goblins were slain, but then a monstrous creature was discovered. A spider the size of a horse! It’s fearsome bite almost killed the cleric as one bite delivered a toxic venom that ate away at her life. Barely hanging on you went above and talked about the next plan of action. In the end you agreed that the three of you would delve deeper into the dungeon while Zathlen would take Milia back to town to be healed.

Descending down the semi-hewn stone stairs into dark cavern you discovered a group of dark skinned elves taking refuge in a small room. It was only after your ambush you found that they didn’t want to fight. They themselves had suffered injuries from various creatures in the caves.

You soon discovered one of those creatures was a cave fisher, a crab/spider like creature with a powerful grip. You chased it away and made a deal with the only standing dark elf. He lead you to an ancient ruin inhabited by a fearsome underground creature called a grick. This one however was stronger than the norm. Like the cave fisher. The dark elf said something about the lower cave was affecting the creatures there. They were stronger, larger and more aggressive than usual.

Though he had no idea what was causing it he had his suspicions. He and his party believed it may be the ruins that they were here to investigate. A tomb used by his kin long ago. They had no idea what they would find, but they would also not be able to discover its secrets as your group has the only key into the crypt below.

You chose not to tell them about the sword the kobolds had given you as part of your deal with them. This sword allows the only access into the crypt. You chose not to investigate it instead returning to the top. You later setup an ambush away from the cave for any goblins that may be returning to the cave. During your scouting Worm could see off in the distance an old keep in the foothills. Tracks that she followed suggest that one group of goblins went there. Another group went in another direction. You are not sure where.

A couple runners were coming back to the lair, but you ambushed them. Finding a paper written in an unknown language, it’s rough scratchy print is thought to be the goblin tongue you head back to the lair to camp. You are met with your elven companions later that evening. They inform you that they are willing to help you while you need but afterwords they have a mission to perform for the priest back in town to pay for the help he provided Milia. You take some time to rest while deciding your next move.

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